Writer. Marketer. Brand Consultant.


What can be said about me can be shown mainly through caption contests with the New Yorker.


Nick Gaudio is a native West Virginian who has a love-hate relationship with adverbs. He graduated summa cum laude from West Virginia University and then went on to study fiction at the University of Michigan, one of the best programs in the world for such a thing. Since then, he's won 7 awards with the Associated Press, designed more than 20 different newspapers, and written for some of the biggest comedy outlets online. Otherwise, he's a professional with an established history of achievement and success in voice and brand consulting, marketing, advertising, social media, and project management.

If you've got the gumption, you can download his resume here.

One of my favorite reference letters:

Nick Gaudio is an incredibly quick, gifted, and insightful employee. We hired him at a time of relative crisis on a small staff and in a place that carries its suspicions about outsiders, even if they come from the next county over. Nick hit the ground running and excelled at everything we asked him to do. His accuracy won him the respect of our law enforcement sources, who are often our most tenuous contacts. He has a solid vocabulary and knows how to use it. He asks good questions and develops interesting leads.  In our jack-of-all-trades work environment, Nick has shown a great eye for photography and design. And he is industrious, with a prolific output.  I spent 22 years as an editor and newsroom manager in suburban Chicago for the Copley papers, which later became Sun-Times properties. I hired dozens of reporters, photographers and editors in that time. Nick would have been one of my best hires there. In our little weekly — which has been named the best in the state for 6 years running — he has been an outstanding addition. He'll be a great addition for you too.  

— Jim King, editor Hampshire Review

Important letters in my life: